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    When the Club had the opportunity to build an entirely new complex in 1995, it created some of the finest facilities for sport and recreation you can find.

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    The Club presently has approximately 3,500 members, which, with spouses, partners and children, gives a total of some 10,000 users.

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    About HKFC

    Our name reflects our origins and distinguished one hundred and thirty years plus history as a club for playing Association and Rugby Football.

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  • HKFC Mini Rugby donated kit in Vietnam

    HKFC Mini Rugby donated kit in Vietnam

    27 Jan 2021

    HKFC Rugby Section’s support for development programmes in Vietnam reaches further as the Phu Vinh Club here show the benefit of being able to train and learn together in proper kit. Phu Vinh Club is one of seven in Hoa Binh province just outside Hanoi that Mini Rugby are supporting through their partnership with Childfund Pass it Back and Laureus Sport for Good. Rugby is not suspended in Vietnam and recently the first EVER contact rugby tournament was held by the first EVER community network in Vietnam - the Hoa Binh Rugby Network!

    Tom Wheeler
    Mini rugby Charity Lead