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    When the Club had the opportunity to build an entirely new complex in 1995, it created some of the finest facilities for sport and recreation you can find.

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    The Club presently has approximately 3,500 members, which, with spouses, partners and children, gives a total of some 10,000 users.

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    About HKFC

    Our name reflects our origins and distinguished one hundred and thirty years plus history as a club for playing Association and Rugby Football.

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  • Sweet or Spicy, Kimchees Enjoying Summer Hockey

    Sweet or Spicy, Kimchees Enjoying Summer Hockey

    06 Sep 2022

    10 Years On and Still Going Strong!

    Given the abrupt end brought to the winter league in January by Covid-19 restrictions, it goes without saying that we all relished the chance to dust off our cob-webbed sticks and take to the Hockey Pitch again (sans masks) despite the heat, and hot, hot, hot it has been!

    On the other hand, given our name, we should be taking ‘hot’ in our stride. I can happily report that the enforced sojourn seemed not to have interfered too much, if at all, with the Kimchees players’ silky set of hockey skills. Sure, there were a missed goal or two and even a missed open goal or two (cough, cough, naming no names), but all in all, we took to hockey again like ducks to water.

    The summer journey (no quarantine needed!) began first with the Summer 6s organised and run by the one and only Chappie of course! Thank you, Chappie! Tuesdays and Thursdays saw a set of Kimchees on the Smurf turf under the tutelage of again the one and only Stephen Porteous. Thank you. Stephen, and to all those who took part!

    The 11-aside Summer Mixed League kicked off late June and the two Club teams, Spicy and Sweet, have been doing friendly battle, sadly minus the Chee (living in Belgium these days – Come back, Chee!). ‘It is a social game, but we play to win’ is the motto coined by Chee way back in the day, and yes we have been doing, as he says, with just one or two hiccups. ‘Teamwork makes the dream work’ may seem like a rather trite, overused saying, but rather apt because despite being players from teams of all levels, of all ages and of all backgrounds, it is amazing just how well we gel. ‘You gotta pass!’ are the words a virgin Kimchee heard ringing in his ears as he scored his debut goal after expertly dodging and dribbling past a number of the opposition. Hardly the congratulations he would have expected! However, it worked and he was soon claiming many an assist for points on the Fantasy Table (more on this later). 

    To date, out of 8 we have chalked up 6 wins, and many a goal has been scored. Of all the goals scored, it is the infamous non-goal that springs to mind, and just to make sure it is never forgotten, there is a constantly looping GIF, a gift that keeps on giving... ... ... torture! And our best game to date was without a doubt against Khalsa – the kind of ‘Oh, what a feeling’ game – nail-biting finish as victory was secured in the dying seconds (5-4 with 2 female goals in the last quarter).

    News of our fame must have travelled because wasn’t it the paparazzi taking photos of us with the most high-tech camera on the sidelines? Thank you to the dad of Damien and Christian Tarala. Perhaps it was to take photos of the indomitable, I do not know fear Kamikaze Ida (Ida Wong) who continually throws caution to the wind to get the ball into the goal. But wait for it, there was a challenger in the form of newbie Anita Ho – just how many hat tricks did you score? The competition to get to the top of the Fantasy Table is fierce. However, in the end it is the passing game we play that is the winner. In other words, each and every one of you was a winner this summer. Too cheesy?

    It was good to see both ‘old’ and new faces on the team. VIP Doug Corbel, glad you saw the light and returned. Walter Marthaler, we miss you! Newbies, too many to mention here, please note there is no escaping now. The family combinations of Ida Wong and Hannah Keeley, the Poultons, Leungs, the Smarts and the Taralas are another lovely feature of the Kimchees. Conor Donovan, au revoir for now, but make sure you return.

    Coming up are two friendlies, one versus Feasant Pluckers (yes, a bit of a struggle that name), against what is largely another Club team led by Derek Siu on 26th August, and another, a charity friendly versus Justice League – the latter organized by Jerome McDonagh (affectionately known as J-Dog) - on 2nd September, promise to be fun and very social.

    The Club and Kimchee hockey tie is strong, and like the Hotel California (except ours is much nicer), once you enter this family, you never ever really leave. The photos you see of Kimchees coming together all over the world is testimony to this fact.

    Win or lose, we always booze (anon.) is another Kimchee motto. Yet, we have been remarkably restrained this season. Less late-night Piazza action in the Valley this season, or perhaps it is because the blinds (currently blue in colour) are always down at the Sportsmans, so the challenge has been taken out from under us. After all, we rise to a challenge!

    Thank you as always to the team behind the scenes: Ida Wong, Darren Foo, Geoff Wong (Fantasy stats man extraordinaire) and Stephen Porteous. Could not manage the Kimchees without your help. Thank you to each and every Kimchee who joined this season and to all of you Kimchees in other parts of the globe. Thank you as always to the Hockey Section for your generous support. Remember we welcome any Club member! Now, as the music is starting to play, I will sign off.

    Kim Roberts

    Kimchees 2022 – Fantasy Stats Ranking (Top 5)

    1st Damien Tarala 50 points
    2nd Hannah Duley 49 points
    3rd Anita Ho 44 points
    4th Ida Wong 31 points
    5th Taman Gill
    Hamish Leung
    30 points